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Moles can certainly be a gardener’s nightmare, whether it’s one mole or a legion of moles damaging your land, our classic humane methods with trapping systems will get rid of all mole problems with guaranteed results. The garden is the joy of most home owners and the arrival of unwelcome mole hills and matching mole wreckage can signal the start of a multiplying mole population.

Mole hills are not only unsightly, mole tunnelling endanger soil integrity; this not only makes the ground uneven but can cause potential harm should the ground give-way.


The majority of our Brentwood customers order a ‘mole course’ as soon as mole damage advances onto the garden, this is when the issue becomes personal and can lead to costly damage to lawn mowers. The Brentwood Mole Catcher is fully guaranteed, we operate a ‘all moles caught or no fee policy’.

In the first instance, we am always pleased to talk about under no obligation just how our how our mole catching service works. Brentwood

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